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Let the favor of our BOT be with us;

and confirm for us the NEW WORK of our hands.

Automate, but humanize.

Automation is the buzz word - but quo vadis without putting the human first? Too often, automation has turned into Fauxtomation and humans ended up doing the tedious tasks. Something went wrong, right? Along with AI, the magic words seem to let huge corporations forget what they are doing is for in first place.


"But hey, we are user-centric and all the yadda yadda..." I tell you what. User- or human-centric is so 20th century. 
What we need now is humanity-centric. See the big picture. 

This is where we start. And we don't stop until the very last bot frees us to do what we can do best and create value for humankind. If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere it's up to you - NEW WORK, NEW WORK.👯‍♂️

Image by Jéan Béller


In Bot We Trust has its own Podcast where reflection about ethical use of social robots happens. We invite researchers, industry leaders and passionate people to talk about conversational technology, AI-Hype topics, good bots and bad bots.
How can we trust bots? The answer lies in a dialogue between humanities and tech, between research and industry. Let's have humans doing the work only humans can do and automate the rest.
In Bot We Trust.

Oh my Bot!

This is the best thing that could happen to your bot project.

Image by Alec Favale

Conversation Design

Hire us to make your bot smart. Our Conversation Design expertise will leave you speechless. 

Image by Ameer Basheer

New Work

Automate old work. Make space for New Work. We show how to do that uniquely for your business case. 

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Strategy Consulting

Need a bot? We tell you what to do to save the world. With chatbots, voicebots and automation. Amen.

What are bad bots?

Bad bot, bad bot, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Sign-Up for our Bot-Therapy-Sprechstunde. We cure:

  • Bad bots

  • Automation issues

  • Bot confusion in your team (who does what)

Cyborg mit Gasmaske
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